Our Learning

There are a number of approaches through which we uphold our values and achieve our mission and vision. The approaches listed below are of particular importance to the school and school community. Some approaches, such as teaching safety and finding one’s way in the city, utilising learning opportunities in the city, drafting the annual school agreement, having a strong appreciation for the arts, holding clear aspirations for Year 8 students and teaching Spanish, make CTMS unique. The approaches appear in categories based on the CTMS vision, though some approaches could easily be placed in more than one category.

CTMS pupils embrace learning and problem solving opportunities.

CTMS pupils interact well with a wide variety of people.

CTMS pupils actively demonstrate a bicultural partnership with Māori and commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi.

CTMS pupils feel good about themselves and lead by example.

CTMS pupils participate within an inclusive learning environment.

CTMS Year 8 pupils hold clear aspirations about the skills and abilities they wish to achieve to realize their future potential and to feel well prepared for Secondary School and beyond.